Planned Gifts

You don’t have to make a large gift during your lifetime to leave a lasting legacy to The Research Foundation. You can ensure a stable future for The Research Foundation and help others for generations to come by including The Research Foundation in your estate plans.

Planned gifts can also offer many immediate and long-term benefits, such as current income tax deductions, reduced estate taxes and the satisfaction of making a significant and enduring contribution. A named gift can even serve as a permanent memorial to a loved one. Planned gifts can be made in any of the following ways.

A gift by will allows you to make a significant gift that was not affordable during your lifetime. The simplest gift is a bequest in your will. Most bequests leave a specific amount or percentage of the donor’s estate to charity with no restrictions on how the money is to be used. Because the full value of the bequest is deductible, heirs generally escape gift and estate taxes. Learn more about how to make a bequest.

By making a gift of appreciated stock (held more than one year), you can avoid or delay the capital gains tax. You may deduct the current fair market value of the stock on your tax return no matter what was originally paid for the stock. Your broker will need to contact The Research Foundation for our DTC number and account number.

Life Insurance
A new or existing life insurance policy can be assigned to The Research Foundation with premium payments made as annual gifts. The result is a major gift at an affordable cost.

Real Estate and Personal Property
Property may be used to fund a planned giving vehicle, or may be given outright to The Research Foundation.

A Charitable Remainder Trust can provide lifetime income to you.

Gift Annuities
By making an annuity gift now, you can receive a lifetime income for yourself, a spouse or anyone else you designate in exchange for a gift of cash, stock or securities to The Research Foundation. At the time of your death, the gift remainder will support The Research Foundation.

Legal documents and all securities must be made payable or transferred to:
The Research Foundation
2316 E. Meyer Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64132