ThinkFirst Encourages Students to Stay Safe During Prom and Graduation Season

KANSAS CITY, Mo., (Apr. 9, 2015)ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City is reaching out to high school students through assemblies and encouraging them to stay safe during prom season.

Marlana Felty, ThinkFirst VIP speaker, sustained a permanent spinal cord injury after drinking and driving when she was 17 years-old. Felty hopes sharing her message with ThinkFirst will deter students from making the same mistake she did.

"Alcohol was all about the fun until it almost killed me and forever altered the lives of everyone who's loved me," said Felty.

ThinkFirst works year-round to reach students and young motorists throughout The Kansas City metro to encourage safe driving practices. ThinkFirst is set to reach nearly 60,000 students this school year.

“This Spring ThinkFirst is focusing on encouraging young drivers to stay safe this prom season,” said ThinkFirst Injury Prevention Coordinator, Amy Kozicki. “We realize that many distractions can come up while with a large group of people and we want to encourage teens to be aware of the real consequences of distracted or impaired driving.”

To schedule an interview with Amy Kozicki, ThinkFirst Program Coordinator or Marlana Felty, please call 816-276-4955. 

About ThinkFirst: ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City, a chapter of the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation, was established in 1987 and provides free school based presentations to students in grades kindergarten through 12. Each year, 34,000 students in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area learn about the consequences of traumatic injuries from brain or spinal cord injury survivors. These sobering, yet motivational messages urge youth to take personal responsibility and make safe choices. The presentations cover a variety of topics including promoting seat belt usage, sports and recreation safety, helmet usage, motor-vehicle safety, water safety and avoiding violence.

About The Research Foundation: The Research Foundation is a not-for-profit organization in Kansas City, Mo. dedicated to strengthening the community and empowering people to live healthier, productive lives through its health education and scholarship programs. The Harmon Diabetes Center teaches self-management diabetes education to help patients control their diabetes and reduce the chance for life-threatening complications. The award-winning ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City injury prevention program educates area youth through free school-based assemblies aimed at helping young people prevent traumatic injuries and deaths. The Foundation also awards scholarships to students pursuing a nursing career. For more information, visit