Faculty Research Grants

Purpose: The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage and facilitate faculty development by enhancing the faculty member's research and/or scholarship of teaching through a stipend, which funds short-term research and study projects.

The Research Foundation will fund a minimum of three Faculty Research Grants per academic year. The funding will be considered taxable income to the individual. The actual stipend for each grant award is $3,500. In addition, consideration will be given to funding necessary expenses incurred in carrying out the grant (e.g. travel, books, secretarial and research services, research materials and the like). The maximum amount given for such expenses will be $500 so that the maximum overall grant cannot exceed $4,000. The individual person must take funding for expenses in excess of $500 out of the base grant of $3,500.

Projects must contribute to the proposed research and/or the scholarship of teaching. Examples of projects include but are not limited to the following: collecting or analyzing research data; development of clinical practice models; development of a new teaching strategy; participation in internship or in-service experience and manuscript development. Faculty Research Grants are not intended for use in support of graduate degree programs nor simply to prepare a new course or to revise a course in one's own specialty or area of expertise.

Eligibility: Individuals must be a faculty member in a full-time position at the nursing programs at Avila University, Research College of Nursing/Rockhurst University, or William Jewell College that have completed three full academic years. Priority will be given to applications from faculty members who have not received Faculty Research Grants during the two preceding calendar years. In reviewing grant applications, primary consideration will be given to the merits of the research project. The Nursing Program Administrator or Nursing Dean may also consider the impact the project may have on current and future program needs. If an applicant has previously received a Faculty Research Grant, he or she would only be eligible for another Faculty Research Grant if the required reports for previous research grant has been submitted and the stated outcomes of the previous grant have been documented.

Deadline: The deadline for the submission of an application for funding must be made to Nursing Program Administrator or Nursing Dean by November 1. The Nursing Program Administrator or Nursing Dean must forward the application with his/her recommendation to The Research Foundation by January 1. Following acceptance of the awarded grants, the Nursing Program Administrator or Nursing Dean will notify those applicants who have not received grants. Distribution of funds will be made following the completion of an evaluation report where the grantee will be expected to submit a report of any expenses funded and a written evaluation of the project within 30 days after completion of the project. Applicants choosing two-year projects will receive half of the grant after submitting the project update no later than December 1 of the first academic year. The report should be submitted to The Research Foundation and the faculty member should also provide a copy of the report to their Nursing Program Administrator or Nursing Dean. The final report must be received no later than December 1 for the faculty member to receive funding.

Application Requirements:

Completed Faculty Research Grant Application form.

Please provide a description of the proposed research grant project and include the following.
1. Describe the specific project for which you are applying, including a statement of the objective of the research project.
2. Please explain how this project fits in with your own long-range development plans.
3. Give specific dates through which your research grant-supported work would extend.
4. When you have completed the grant-supported segment of your project, how will you evaluate the experience, especially the achievement of the project objective?

Completed budget application form.

Apply now.

Send completed application materials to (official transcripts must be sent from university or college):

The Research Foundation
2316 E. Meyer Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64132