ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City

ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City is part of a national, award-winning injury prevention program presented by inspiring survivors of brain and spinal cord injuries. Through compelling firsthand testimonies, youth learn about the consequences of careless decisions and how injuries can happen to anyone. These sobering yet motivational messages urge youth to take personal responsibility and make safe choices.

Established in 1987, ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City provides free school-based presentations for youth grades kindergarten through high school throughout the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area. On July 1, 2003, ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City became a program of The Research Foundation.

Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of traumatic injury among young people followed by falls, violence and sports. Among the most severe, are disabling injuries to the brain and spinal cord. These permanent and life-changing injuries are painful, heartbreaking and costly beyond measure.

ThinkFirst programs educate young people about their personal vulnerability and the importance of making safe choices. The presentations cover a variety of topics including promoting seat belt usage, sports and recreation safety, helmet usage, motor-vehicle safety, water safety and avoiding violence. Approximately 55,000 youth in Greater Kansas City hear the ThinkFirst injury prevention message each year.

For a sample of what you’ll hear at a ThinkFirst presentation, watch the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention video below. 

We are the proud recipient of the ThinkFirst Foundation's Chapter of the Year Award (2008), the Kansas Department of Transportation's People Saving People Award (2011), the Missouri Department of Transportation's Show-Me Safety Award (2012) and the Tempe Humphrey Youth Safety Award (2014).  

One of ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City's VIP Speakers, Chad Kitzman, was recently profiled by Fox 4 KC. To read or listen to his story, please click here.

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