Adam Lane

Lead Speaker

Injury Report

Date: July 14, 2007
Time: 4:45 PM
Place: Leavenworth, Kansas
Patient: 34-year-old male, Paramedic with Johnson County Med-Act
Factors: Clear skies, good road conditions
Diagnosis: T-10 and T-11 spinal cord injury
Prognosis: Complete and permanent paralysis

Quote: I’m just a guy trying to do the best I can, just like everybody else. I’m not limited by being just a guy in a wheelchair."

Pre-Injury Life

Interests: Motorcycling, playing the drums, and running
Goals/Dreams: Starting a family
Best Description: Active

Post-Injury Life

Adam Lane Bike

Interests: Triathlon, service, learning
Goals/Dreams: Making the U.S. team for the Paralympics in 2010 and/or 2016
What I Miss The Most: Working as a paramedic