Cheryl Spittler

Lead Speaker

Quote: "Education is a life long journey. Continue to learn and experience something new each day."

Cheryl has served as an Emergency Department Nurse for 25 years. Committed to health education, specifically injury prevention, she is committed to living by the tenet "Safety First" in all situations. She is a Board Certified Emergency Nurse and holds a PhD in Nursing with a Minor as a Health Professions Educator.

Interests: Travel, long distance walking, cooking, boating/cruising, and spending time with friends and family.

Goals/Dreams: Recently, I reached a very long anticipated goal when I completed my PhD. I dream to travel abroad and experience life in different cultures. Above all, I want my children and grandchildren to be happy, healthy, and successful people.

Best Description: Honest, hard-working, reliable, happy, goal oriented, and tenacious.