Dave Farnsworth

Injury Report

Date: August 14, 1977
Time: Midnight
Place: Cleveland, Missouri
Patient: 17-year-old male, high school senior
Factors: Drinking heavily, hitch hiked & took ride with stranger who was also drunk. Head on collision with second car
Diagnosis: Injured brain stem and cerebellum
Prognosis: Not expected to live

Quote: “I was in a wreck—I believe the word accident implies no one was at fault. I was at fault. My friends tried to warn me that I’d get hurt, but I refused to listen. I made some awful choices and now I’m paying for them.”

Dave black and white

Interests: Girls, playing sports like baseball, basketball, racquetball
Goals/Dreams: Enjoying my senior year, partying and someday singing professionally
Best Description: I was involved in and enjoyed athletics, a cool and groovy guy, but got involved with the wrong crowd

Dave with Glasses

Interests: Still like girls, enjoy computers, cycling, spending time with friends and speaking for ThinkFirst
Goals/Dreams: Looking for and obtaining a full time job
What I Miss The Most: My voice and the way it used to sound, having more speed in what I do, singing