Erica Whaley

Date: July 2, 2003
Time: 2:30 AM
Place: Grain Valley, Missouri
Patient: 21-year-old, female, mother of two
Factors: Single car crash, drunk driving
Diagnosis: C-7 spinal cord injury
Prognosis: Quadriplegic

Quote: "Your choices will catch up with you."

Erica - Trellis

Interests: My two beautiful baby boys
Goals/Dreams: Provide a great life for my kids
Best Description: Fun loving, busy single mom

Erica - Thinkfirst!

Interests: Being an example to my family, being a good wife & mother and youth leader in church
Goals/Dreams: Make a difference in the way society thinks
What I Miss The Most: Playing around with my kids and really being able to hold them