Heather Tice

Injury Report

Date: July 12, 2005
Time: 3:30 PM
Place: Belton, Missouri
Patient: 15-year-old female, high school sophomore
Factors: inexperienced driver, speeding, not wearing a seat belt
Diagnosis: C-7 spinal cord injury
Prognosis: Quadriplegic, never walk again

Quote: “People make mistakes. This is one you can’t take back. Think first and buckle up. You have to be your own hero.”

Interests: Choir, basketball
Goals/Dreams: To finish high school
Best Description: Soprano in choir, friends with everyone, always on the go


Interests: Being an aunt to my niece and nephew, changing the world one problem at a time, speaking for ThinkFirst
Goals/Dreams: Graduate college
What I Miss The Most: Choir, doing anything with no obstacles