Sarah Smith

Injury Report

Date: April 4, 1994
Time: 10:00 PM
Place: Parkville, Missouri
Patient: 17-year-old female, high school junior
Factors: Single car crash, passenger in a convertible with no seat belt
Diagnosis: T-12 spinal cord injury
Prognosis: Paraplegic

Quote: “The sad part of my injury is not that I can’t walk. The sad part of my injury is that it was so preventable. Taking 10 seconds to buckle my seat belt would've changed my life forever.”

Sarah - Smiling

Interests: Volleyball, running, hanging w/ friends, being a normal teenager
Goals/Dreams: To become a television reporter and travel the world
Best Description: Happy, carefree, social w/ a belief that I could do anything I set my mind to

Sarah - thinkfirst shirt

Interests: Traveling, movies, gardening
Goals/Dreams: Traveling the world, being a good person, a good friend, living my life to the fullest
What I Miss The Most: Being spontaneous