ThinkFirst About Concussions

ThinkFirst About Concussions raises awareness about sports-related concussions for athletes, coaches and parents in area schools. The program begins with an overview of the signs of symptoms of concussions explained by an athletic trainer. Those who attend the program then hear individuals who have suffered from the complications of concussion-related injuries share their cautionary stories and why head injuries should be taken seriously.

Who is it for?

  • Athletes and students
  • Coaches, trainers and managers
  • School administrators
  • Parents and guardians



ThinkFirst About Concussions is working to prevent sports-related concussions. Our goal is to help student athletes and their support teams understand the signs and symptoms of concussions.

Impact Testing

ThinkFirst About Concussions also partners with schools that serve a high percentage of low-income families to provide Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment Cognitive Testing (ImPACT). ImPACT is a widely-used, concussion evaluation system. The test provides tools and services that are medically accepted as the best way to determine when it is safe for a student athlete to return to play. ImPACT is in use by the majority of teams in Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Football League.

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