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The ECHO Team

Employees Contributing To Help Others

 The Research Foundation is offers assistance for Research Medical Center, Brookside Campus, and Research Psychiatric Center employees in need through the ECHO Team's Employee Assistance Fund. 

Since 1994, The Research Foundation's Employee Assistance Fund has provided support to employees in emergency financial need. The fund has been and continues to be exclusively funded by employee contributions. It pays for basic needs such as rent or mortgage payments, utility payments and food.

Apply for assistance

Research Medical Center, Brookside Campus, and Research Psychiatric Center employees who have been employed a minimum of 90 days are eligible for $250 to $2,000 from The Research Foundation's Employee Assistance Fund. Employees can explain their need for support by completing the online application.

Find additional assistance at these organizations:

Join the ECHO Team

If you are an employee at Research Medical Center, Brookside Campus, and Research Psychiatric Center, you can support the Employee Assistance Fund and our other health-centered programs and partnerships by joining the ECHO Team.

Every year, dozens of Research employees are referred to the ECHO Team for assistance. Without the generous support of their Research co-workers, these employees would be unable to provide basic needs for their families during emergency situations. Sign up to join and give back to your coworkers through simple payroll deduction. 

Read stories about the difference you can make.

A Research Medical Center employee flatlined during a medical procedure and was placed on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. Her journey to recovery was long, so she was forced to take a leave of absence at work.

For some, Research Medical Center is like a family. This employee has worked at Research for more than a decade. But her story at the hospital starts much earlier.

A Research employee’s father was hospitalized with COVID-19 and passed away. She took time off work to care for her mother as she made final arrangements for her father.


Donate to the ECHO Team

You can make a one-time donation to help Research Medical Center, Brookside Campus, and Research Psychiatric Center employees. Health care and hospital workers need support of all kinds. Make a contribution in their honor below.