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Holistic support

Liz Graham cares about people. She wants to spend time with others and focus on their well-being, so her decision to pursue nursing was easy. That decision created a successful, appreciated nurse who has a promising career ahead and a lot of patients left to treat.

“Nursing is my career, but it’s such a close tie to what I’ve always wanted. I can’t separate the two, personally and professionally. It’s why I’m driven to be the best nurse I can.”

It’s also why she chose Research College of Nursing. Liz is adamant on caring for more than just a patient’s ailments. She cares for the whole person, a philosophy that flourished at RCON through a robust and comprehensive curriculum.

“My personal philosophy of nursing and Research College of Nursing’s understanding of what a true nursing curriculum needs aligned. I had opportunities to see every aspect of this field. It’s not just a rotation through a hospital. That is very important, but they expanded my exposure.”

Research College of Nursing's diverse and supportive clinical settings used to streamline students into the nursing world helped Liz achieve a great deal of success in her developing nursing career. Her first position was at Research Medical Center in the Cardiac Telemetry unit where she worked for three years. She moved to post anesthesia five years ago, making this her eighth year at the hospital. Within that short period, Liz was nominated for Research Medical Center Novice of the Year, announced as the Research Medical Center Employee of the Month in December 2016 as well as nominated and awarded Research Medical Center Employee of the Year in 2016.

Liz is using the momentum of these accomplishments to give back. Since entering the work force, she has donated to The Research Foundation and its programs, including nursing scholarships, in hopes of extending her holistic philosophy to an entire health care community.

“Is there a better way to show your belief of nursing and its importance? Scholarships are an investment in the future nursing staff of Kansas City. It’s a contribution to the health of the entire city.”

Research College of Nursing helped Liz cultivate a holistic approach to health care. And while the decision to become a nurse was simple, the choice to attend Research College of Nursing helped Liz develop a more complex personal philosophy of nursing that other nurses and an entire community can benefit from.