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The power of pink

Tenesha Stewart came to the Renew and Ignite workshop wearing a hot pink, cheetah print hair band. It was a noticeable accessory in contrast to her makeup-free face. Tenesha's typical trips to Research Medical Center were for treatments at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute. This time, she was at the hospital to receive a boost of confidence.

In February, The Research Foundation partnered with Bra Couture KC to offer Renew and Ignite, a self care workshop for underserved cancer patients. The workshop was offered to patients insured by Medcaid who qualify for services at Verda's Place, the appearance center that The Research Foundation and Bra Couture KC opened in the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute in July 2018. The class included styling advice for treatment and recovery from Sharon Snowden-Hake, a makeover from Lisa Rooney and a hand-painted scarf from Candace Futch. 

As Tenesha's makeover began, she received a few phone calls from family members. She's 33-years-old and has nine children. Coming to the workshop meant finding two hours for herself, a task that has become difficult since she was diagnosed in April 2018.

"I've done six chemotherapy treatments and only have two more to go. I'm so excited about being done"

Lisa and Sharon talked to Tenesha about how her skin would react to the chemotherapy as they selected foundations and concealers for Tenesha's skin tone. When it was time for Lisa to apply eye shadow, Tenesha picked a hot pink shade called jive. As Lisa demonstrated eye shadow application, Tenesha stared at her reflection in the mirror smiling.

"I love it. I've never known how to do my makeup."

The final touch to Tenesha's look required a choice of beige or pink lip gloss. Tenesha chose pink. This time when she left Research Medical Center, it was with a bold and beautiful look to match her hair band.