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Introducing Dr. Thad Wilson

Thad R. Wilson, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAANP, has been appointed as the President of Research College of Nursing, an institution we support through nursing scholarships and faculty development. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better. 

Why did you decide to pursue this position at RCON?
Research College of Nursing has always had a great reputation in the Kansas City region and the future of the College is bright. I appreciate that the College can respond to the changing environment quickly. When coupled with people willing to take chances, it seemed like a wonderful opportunity. I wanted to join faculty, staff, students and alumni to make Research College of Nursing even better.

How is RCON empowering people to lead healthier lives?
Nursing has always been about the whole person. Preparing nurses who respond and provide care to the whole person is a challenge when so much of the health system is focused on illness. Research College of Nursing is preparing leaders who can and will focus on health. One example is the RU Fit program implemented in our community health course. Students work in the community to evaluate individual fitness and opportunities for improvement. The faculty and staff at the college have implemented a wellness program that includes a walking club, meditation, and nutrition counseling.

How can alumni help shape the future of RCON?
Alumni are the foundation upon which the College can build its future. I want the College, in partnership with The Research Foundation and other colleagues, to work at strengthening relationships with our alumni beyond fundraising. Our alumni represent a vast array of expertise, talent, and knowledge. We will work to find opportunities for alumni that meet the needs of both the alumni and the College. For now, we ask that you, our alumni, stay in touch and stay tuned. The best is yet to come.