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Marcus was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2019, when he was just 28-years-old. In April 2021, he was introduced to Verda's Place. 

Allen was working as a middle school family advocate and had a medical emergency that was thought to be a stroke.

As a young girl, Haley Fuller found a home in an unusual place - the hospital.

A year after her cancer diagnosis, Jacqueline arrived for treatment without her hat from Verda’s Place for the first time.

Schlonda was diagnosed with breast cancer and received support from Verda's Place during treatments.

Ashley shared her experiences as a nurse during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abigail is entering a field with many risks while facing climbing tuition rates in an uncertain time.

Charlotte usually doesn't share a personal story at ThinkFirst injury prevention assemblies. Until now.

Terry's mother told her to pass the torch. So, she created a nursing scholarship in her memory.

To Madison, a nurse is the link between patients and the outside world. Now she wants to help them reenter the community.

Sarah's trip to Haiti was a return to a second home, the place she discovered her mission - care for others and learn from them.

Tenesha's typical trips to Research Medical Center were for cancer treatments. This time, she arrived to receive a boost of confidence.

It was a lecture they've heard from their mom before, but this time it was from someone who lives with the physical consequences.

After her diagnosis, Audrey made an incredible comeback and is ready to take on a career in nursing.

Dr. Nicole Webb burst onto campus with energy, passion and a knack for innovation.

Research College of Nursing shaped Liz's philosophy of nursing. That philosophy helped her realize the effect of scholarships.

Most nurses find their calling at an early age. Alexandria Rushing doesn’t have that kind of story,

Mary Beth McClain’s motivation to speak for ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City is personal.

Well into her final year of nursing school, Emily is still searching for more opportunities to make Spanish her second language.

Karen Gabel Speroni, PhD, RN, BSN, MHSA, decided to be a nurse at age 10. She wanted to create a healthier, better world.

Jody dropped Carson off at RoadWise. He expected another driver's education class. He got something else.

Thad R. Wilson, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAANP, has been appointed as the President of Research College of Nursing.

In her nursing scholarship application, Caroline Lipp wrote that she had always wanted to travel on a medical mission trip.

Sarah Smith is working to offer parents an opportunity to help keep their teens safe while driving.

It isn’t surprising that only a year after joining the Advisory Directors, Todd has expanded his role with the Foundation.

Jacob Bratcher and Chris Orzechowski set aside gender roles to care for others.

Tonya Arndt was excited for the milestones that accompany your senior year in high school.

Adrian and Margaret Harmon established the Tom Harmon Presidential Scholar Award in 1995.

Katie is a lot like other teenagers. School, family and friends keep her life busy and offer a lot of reasons to be preoccupied.

KCPD Operations Sgt. Grant Ruark has been promoting traffic safety in Kansas City for more than a decade.

When asked to become the new physician sponsor for ThinkFirst, Dr. Chilton joined because of the program's primary goal.

As a young girl, Elizabeth Wisnewski used to sit in her living room, watch medical dramas like ER and think about the life of a nurse.