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Below is a list of available scholarships for undergraduate nursing students. Students may submit one online application to be considered for all scholarships. Learn more about scholarship eligibility and the application process.

  • Robert E. Adams Nursing Scholarship

    Robert E. Adams served as the CEO of Research Medical Center for many years following a career in the military. He loved the hospital and believed providing quality healthcare was of the utmost importance. A scholarship is given annually in his name to a qualified nursing student.

  • Advisory Directors Nursing Scholarship Award
    The Advisory Directors Nursing Scholarship Award has been created through the collective support of members of The Research Foundation Advisory Directors throughout the past several decades.  The Advisory Directors are heavily involved in service towards our organization and raising funds as well.
  • Helen Buchanan Memorial Nursing Scholarship

    Terry and Dan Miller established the Helen Buchanan Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund. Terry is a 1977 graduate of Research School of Nursing. The scholarship award was created to honor her mother, Helen, who was extremely supportive of Terry throughout her nearly 40 year career as a nurse. The scholarship will be presented annually to a Research College of Nursing student to recognize academic excellence, leadership and dedication to the healthcare field.

  • Class of 1959 Scholarship

    The Class of 1959 Scholarship was established when a graduate of the Research School of Nursing class of 1959 made an anonymous gift to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation. At that time, the entire class was invited to contribute to the scholarship fund. Since 2009, this fund has been generously supported by members of the class of 1959.

  • Class of 1984 Scholarship

    The Class of 1984 Scholarship Fund has been established from the combined contributions many class of 1984  Research College of Nursing classmates have provided. The fund was established to pass on their love of the nursing profession by providing support to the next generation of nurses. The scholarship is awarded annually to a Research College of Nursing student in the name of the class of 1984. If you are a member of the Research College of Nursing graduating class of 1984 and are interested in donating to the fund, contact Rose Simone at

  • Roy Dietrich Scholarship Award

    Roy K. Dietrich served on the Research Hospital Board of Trustees for many years serving as chairman from 1954-1955. At the time of his death in 1985, a $500,000 contribution was made in his memory by William T. Kemper to provide scholarships to worthy nursing students. A scholarship is awarded annually in his memory to celebrate his lifetime commitment to Research Hospital.

  • Virginia Dodson Bernt Scholarship

    After her passing, the family of Virginia Dodson Bernt established a nursing scholarship fund to honor her memory and celebrate her life.  Her granddaughter, a 1995 graduate of Research College of Nursing, helped establish the fund. Scholarships are awarded to deserving nursing students in Virginia’s name.

  • #GivingTuesday Scholarship

    The #GivingTuesday Scholarship was established in 2018 after The Research Foundation organized their first #GivingTuesday campaign. #GivingTuesday is a global day of online giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide. Following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the giving season by inspiring people to collaborate and give back. The funds raised during the #GivingTuesday campaign will be awarded to a nursing student. 

  • Al Hancock Memorial Nursing Scholarship

    Al Hancock served on the board of The Research Foundation for over 20 years, including five years as chairman. He was always willing to raise funds and was an advocate for the people the Foundation serves, as well as the programs the Foundation operates. To celebrate Al’s life of service, The Research Foundation created the Al Hancock Memorial Nursing Scholarship Award which will help carry on his commitment to the health and well-being of our community.

  • Tom Harmon Presidential Scholar Award

    Adrian and Margaret Harmon established this fund in 1995 in honor of their son, Tom. Tom began his service with Research Medical Center in 1978 and currently serves on the Research College of Nursing Governing Board. The scholar fund was established to provide annual academic scholarships to students who demonstrate characteristics that are necessary to excel in the nursing profession.

  • Teresa Hiestand Hofbauer Scholarship

    Teresa was a nurse at Research Medical Center and a 1978 graduate of Research School of Nursing who passed away unexpectedly. At the time of her passing, her family established the Teresa Hiestand Hofbauer Scholarship Fund to pass on her love of the nursing profession to future nurses.

  • Edward F. Higgins, MD Scholarship

    The Edward F. Higgins, MD Scholarship was created to honor the former Foundation chairman for his service. Dr. Higgins has a vested interest in mission work internationally, primarily in Haiti where he travels each year. The Research Foundation selects a student with an interest in mission work to receive this award each year.

  • Bea Colson-King '32 Memorial Scholarship

    Bea Colson-King was a 1932 graduate of Research School of Nursing. During her career, Bea was a surgical nurse and later taught nursing students. Bea generously supported nursing scholarships throughout her life establishing the Bea Colson-King ’32 Scholarship Fund. At the time of her death, she included a provision in her will to further support this scholarship fund.

  • Christine S. Lewis Scholarship

    Christine Lewis was a former volunteer at Research Medical Center who wanted to honor the nursing profession by recognizing those individuals that dedicate their lives to patients.

  • Pat A. Lord '44 Nursing Scholarship

    Pat Lord was a 1944 graduate of the Research School of Nursing. She felt a great sense of pride for her alma mater and the 35 years she dedicated to her career. That pride motivated her to support nursing scholarships through annual contributions and a bequest in her estate.

  • Clara Mart Nursing Scholarship Award

    This scholarship was created from an estate gift to The Research Foundation from longtime Kansas City philanthropist Clara Mart.

  • Mary Elizabeth Martin Scholarship

    The Mary Elizabeth Martin Scholarship Trust was established in 1961 and distributes funds throughout the community to be used for charitable or educational purposes.

  • Holly Moore Memorial Oncology Scholarship

    The Holly Moore Memorial Oncology Scholarship was established by the family of Holly Moore after she lost a four-year battle with breast cancer. This scholarship is designated to support a student planning to work as an oncology nurse.

  • Richard S. O'Brien Nursing Scholarship

    George Seymour, a former Research Advisory Director, established the Richard S. O'Brien Scholarship to honor his friend and business associate. Richard lived to be 97-years-old and received care at Research Medical Center many times during his life, beginning in 1928. He believed that nurses care for patients like they are taking care of their own family.

  • Research Medical Center Medical Staff Scholarship

    The Research Medical Center Medical Staff Scholarship is awarded annually from contributions received from members of the Research Medical Center Medical Staff.

  • Research Royal Nursing Scholarship

    The Research Royal Dinner & Auction is a fundraising event that began in 1995 and is celebrated every two years. Proceeds from this event directly support scholarships for nursing students.

  • Dr. Donald M. Spencer Nursing Scholarship

    Dr. Donald M. Spencer was an orthopedic surgeon at Research Medical Center. He was committed to the important work done by The Research Foundation to enhance the health of our community. He dedicated his life to helping patients and easing their pain. This scholarship award celebrates his love of medicine and concern for patients.

  • Virginia G. Stowers Nursing Scholarship

    Virginia G. Stowers is a 1952 graduate of Research School of Nursing. The Trustees of the Stowers Foundation made a contribution in her honor to provide scholarships to students attending Research College of Nursing.

  • The Research Foundation Nursing Scholarship

    The Research Foundation Scholarships are awarded each year from the collective support of alumni and friends. 

  • Mary Zeskey Scholarship

    Charles Zeskey was an Advisory Director that supported The Research Foundation for decades.  He established a trust that became irrevocable at the time of his death with dividends paid to the Foundation annually to support nursing student scholarships in memory of Mary Zeskey.