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ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City

It's a trying time for educators. Just as they miss seeing students in the classrooms and hallways every day, we miss the opportunity to help them make safe decisions.

Because of COVID-19, our remaining ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City assemblies for the 2019-2020 school year cannot proceed as planned. But that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to next year.

As we spend time away from students now, we can look forward to educating them in the future. Our message about making safe choices and "thinking first" is more relevant than ever. Our 2019-2020 funding is available through September 30, 2020. Schedule your free, award-winning assembly now.

ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City is part of a national, award-winning injury prevention program presented by inspiring survivors of brain and spinal cord injuries. Through compelling, firsthand testimonies, youth learn about the consequences of careless decisions and how injuries can happen to anyone. These sobering yet motivational messages urge youth to take personal responsibility and make safe choices.

ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City provides 45-minute, free school-based presentations for youth grades kindergarten through high school throughout the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area. The presentations are age appropriate and cover a variety of topics including distracted driving, promoting seat belt usage, sports and recreation safety, helmet usage, motor-vehicle safety, water safety and avoiding violence. Thousands of youth in Greater Kansas City hear the ThinkFirst injury prevention message each year.

"We appreciate how this program was presented at the children's level, so they understood the material. It was clear, concise and engaging. We also appreciate that this assembly was free or we wouldn't have been able to have ThinkFirst come to our school."
-Horizon Elementary

Send us an email or call 816-276-4955 for more information.

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