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1-4:45 p.m. | June 10 | Research College of Nursing

Making Kansas City's young drivers safe drivers.

RoadWise is a free program for young drivers 14-18, emphasizing the importance of wearing a seat belt and making good, safe decisions behind the wheel.

Attendees begin the class by following the path of a car crash victim at a trauma center. Hospital staff share their experiences with crash victims in the emergency room, radiology, intensive care, and physical therapy. Students meet young people who have suffered from permanent brain or spinal cord injuries as a result of a motor vehicle crash. The class ends with the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers talk about working crash sites and making death notifications to families.

The stats:

  • Teens are 10 times more likely to be in a fatal car accident than adults.
  • Texting behind the wheel makes you 20 times more likely to be involved in a crash than a non-distracted driver.
  • Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death among teenagers in the US.
  • Most of the fatal teen car accidents occur six months after obtaining the license.
  • Despite drunk driving and texting being regarded as main distractions and accident causes for drivers of all ages, being distracted by passengers is a major factor in fatal teen crashes.

Statistics collected from Missouri Department of Transportation and Kansas Department of Transportation

What young drivers are saying about RoadWise:

RoadWise is back!

Date: June 10, 2022
Time: 1-4:45 p.m.
Location: Research College of Nursing


If you were ordered by the court to attend the Young Traffic Offenders Program, you must register for that class here. For more information, contact Nikki Flagler at or 816-276-4900.