Reese Hernandez

Reese Hernandez at White Coat Ceremony

Reese Hernandez will graduate from Research College of Nursing in May 2024. His journey to nursing school started during a six-week hospital stay when he was in middle school. The compassionate care he received during his stay helped him get through that difficult time. It also helped him become a nurse.

“There is no doubt in my mind that these nurses cared about what happened to me, and now I want to give this same assistance to others.”

He also watched members of his family, who are nurses, have fulfilling careers while creating good in the world. So, Reese pursued nursing school.

As a student at Research College of Nursing, Reese received the Virginia G. Stowers Nursing Scholarship from The Research Foundation. These scholarships provided him with increased access to learning opportunities.

“The scholarship awarded by The Research Foundation has allowed me to focus more time on both the lecture and clinical components of nursing school. I feel extremely fortunate to have received this assistance so I can focus on learning.”

Reese has many nursing student experiences that have shaped his philosophy of care. He has served diverse populations and witnessed compassion from all types of nurses from all types of backgrounds. As a patient care technician, Reese grew close to a patient who received care on his unit for nearly two months.

“Watching that patient walk out of the facility is something that I want to remember forever. Her progress made me excited to come to work every day. Working health care at the bedside can be unforgiving, tiring, and overwhelming, but I do not doubt my decision in the slightest.”

As he prepares to graduate, Reese wants to approach nursing by providing patients with as much information as possible. He believes knowledge is power and people can thrive when they understand their health. The Research Foundation played a part in the development of this approach, a fact that Reese is grateful for.

“I want to thank all scholarship donors for the change they are making for recipients. By helping to provide scholarship funds for students, they ensure that new nurses are achieving their goals.”

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