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Verda's Place

Making the road to recovery more comfortable

Verda's Place is an appearance center for cancer patients in the Kansas City community who are uninsured or insured by Medicaid.

Cancer treatments often result in dramatic changes in appearance that present emotional obstacles for patients and survivors. Verda's Place, an appearance center for low-income cancer patients, helps develop self-confidence and aims to make the road to recovery more comfortable.

The Research Foundation has collaborated with Bra Couture KC to provide Verda's Place. Bra Couture KC provides funding for Kansas City area organizations that provide life-empowering services to uninsured and underinsured individuals who have been touched by cancer. Verda's Place, located in the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center at Research Medical Center, offers  wigs, hats, scarves, lymphedema sleeves, bras, prosthetics and other items for cancer patients. Support is also available for utilities, food cards, medications, and nutritional supplements for these patients. 

Stories from Verda's Place

Marcus was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2019, when he was just 28-years-old. In April 2021, he was introduced to Verda's Place. 

Allen was working as a middle school family advocate and had a medical emergency that was thought to be a stroke.

A year after her cancer diagnosis, Jacqueline arrived for treatment without her hat from Verda’s Place for the first time.

About Verda

Verda's Place is named from Verda Mae Salberg, a 47-year-old wife and mother of two daughters. Verda lost her battle with cancer in 2017. As a longtime volunteer for Bra Couture and an advocate for cancer survivors, Verda lived by example.

Verda's Place is a partnership of